The Government recognizes the utility of scheduling practices but historically has lacked the know-how, resources, and discipline to plan and track program activities. Schedulers are a limited commodity nationally, both within the defense and private sectors. The CSP solution provides the necessary expertise upfront to develop the schedule. Company employees will be co-located with the customer to maintain the necessary scheduling discipline in regard to maintenance of the schedule. Metrics and other relevant info will be produced regularly to support critical decisions. Additionally, a training curriculum will be developed so program leadership can maximize the full utility of scheduling practices.

CSP sets up a business rhythm to review real-time data that is useful and relevant. This streamlines business management operations and eliminates unnecessary meetings, allowing the remaining ones to be focused and shorter in duration.

 CSP will utilize the program schedule to quantify risks, providing the customer the ability to prioritize risks based on the severity of impacts and apply the appropriate resources to mitigate them.

Contractors can perform better due to a clear understanding of the Program Office’s success criteria. Early identification and quantification of risks allows more timely support from senior leadership as program issues can be better explained in terms of impacts and corrective actions.